Will the emancipation from Mariah Carey be costly? Costly confidentiality clauses in pre-nup


Nick Cannon filed for Divorce from Mariah and it seems they have reportedly, already came to a settlement agreement.

 According to TMZ, the couple’s prenuptial agreement features a confidentiality clause that would fine the Grammy-winning singer twice the price than if her husband violated the terms.

‘If Nick violates the confidentiality clause he has to pay her a $250,000 penalty, but if she spills the beans she has to pay him $500K,’ reported the website.

 TMZ reports the prenup states she is worth $150million, while the America’s Got Talent host entered the union with ‘less than $500K.’

Which is why are fine is a bit higher than his.

Meanwhile news of the confidentiality clause follows as a leaked recording of one of Nick’s new tracks finds him apparently rapping about his large pay-off from the mother of his two children, while hinting that he has a new woman in his life.

The lyrics, published on TMZ, include the lines: ‘With this Girl names Keisha, Aphrodite; A** so phat half black and white.

‘Hit high notes n**** ask my wife; Whoops I mean ex, I got her checks; Blank checks; I need a freak.’

But there are some ‘checks’ the 34-year-old won’t be able to get his hands on as he won’t be entitled to a share of Mimi’s enormous earnings from her upcoming residency in Las Vegas.

 It always boils down to money, when it all said and done…