What do you think of Remy Ma’s diss track, dedicated to Nicki Minaj???

So yesterday the Internet went up, after Remy Ma went for the Kill on the diss track “Shether”

If you don’t know Nas has a diss track towards Jay Z called “Ether” so I guess she wanted to do a remix for her The Barb.

So I’m getting mixed reviews, on what people thought about the song!!

Some people think she bodied, Nicki Minaj, while others say it was whack as Hell.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the track an 8!!

I think overall Nicki Minaj is a better lyrist, regardless if she writes her own shit or not.

Remy is more of a gangsta rapper in my opinion and coming the way she did to me, was real rap before the commercial rap came along.

I think “Shether” had some great moments like when she said “The only shots you ever took, was in your buns”

At the end of the day, Remy got out what she wanted to say and that’s a win for her.

Then again is it a publicity stunt, maybe Nicki is about to drop a new album, I know Remy dropped one 2 weeks ago and it really hasn’t caught the wave.

So whatever play the game!!!

Now lets see if Nicki Minaj Clap backs…

Why people so mess??