Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins’ from the Girl Group “TLC” Honda May Be Repossessed Soon… #HARDTIMES

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of TLC  “ain’t too proud to beg” for a ride. At  least she better not be any time soon.

If you see Watkins ridin’ on the passenger side of her best friend’s  ride, don’t go yellin “No Scrubs!” cause she may have a very valid excuse.

Explanation #1 could be that her car is in the shop (the standard no car  excuse), but the real deal may be that she’s housing her ride somewhere where  the repo man can’t find it. *sigh*

[Sidebar: Tionne… please consult with Khia about that first tho… ]

Details below…

Tionne initiated bankruptcy proceedings just last year, but for  some odd reason she didn’t follow through with the paperwork.

Now she’s being sued by several of her creditors seeking their collateral! :shock:

According to TMZ, Honda is seeking to repossess Tionne’s 2005 Honda  Odyssey.

Tionne Watkins is being sued by Honda for failing to make payments on her  2005 Honda Odyssey. In the lawsuit, filed in Georgia, Honda asks the judge for  the green light to take the car back.

It’s unclear how much T-Boz owes in back payments.  It’s just the latest in a string of financial woes for the 42-year-old rapper — she filed for bankruptcy back in 2011 … but failed to complete the required  paperwork … and lost the protection bankruptcy provides.

In other words, there’s NOTHING stopping T-Boz’s creditors from coming after  all of her possessions.

We reached out to T-Boz for comment — so far, no response.

I still can’t get over the T-Boz is ridin’ around & gettin’ it in a dayum  2005 HONDA ODYSSEY?!? That’s has a note on it…  :shock:

If I were her, I wouldn’t respond either. That’s embarrassing as hell…

Somebody get Diddy on line one or send Tionne a few bucks to her paypal  account. We can at least help one of our hip-hop icons keep her car!

No wonder Chilli is creepin’ with Floyd. I bet y’all won’t hear  nothing about Chilli’s Honda being rep’d. Hell… somebody has to pay the bills,  right?

That 2012 nationwide TLC tour better start quick fast in a hurry!