Remy Ma talks not being PROUD of diss track against Nicki Minaj……..

If your waiting for Nicki Minaj to respond the the infamous diss track created to destroy her, don’t hold your breathe.
The rapper has been only seen posting fabulous pictures and videos of herself on Instagram.
It seems that Nicki only response it “Bitch I’m Rich” and “Famous”
Well I can tell you one thing, she is definitely eye candy!!
Nicki pulled a Donald Trump the other day and posted a photo of one exposed breast.
The one way to get the media, to change its dialogue. Lets now focus on Nicki Minaj’s Breast.

Which happens to remind me of a picture where lil Kim previously exposed her breast at the MTV music Awards.

But you ain’t heard it from Though!!!

  Remy Ma recently shared some of her latest thoughts on the situation in a Facebook Live Q&A with Buzzfeed, as reported by Complex.


“I do not condone or recommend the tearing down of another female. That’s not what I do. Anybody that knows me knows that I embrace females. I think we work so much better when we work together and when we help each other.”

 “It could’ve been totally different. I don’t regret [“shETHER”], but I’m not particularly proud of it.”

I kind of understand her, sometimes you get out of character and do things that may not represent the person you are!!

But out of anger and frustration we can all go there sometimes. But it does show that Remy has a good heart.

Your thoughts!!!