Nicki Minaj receives negative feedback from fans on “DJ Mustards” NEW Single “Don’t Hurt Me” feat. Jeremih


 Maybe Nicki Minaj should make-up with her Ghost Writer Ex-Safree (Smile)

The way her lyrics are sounding lately, its leading me to believe that he was her secret weapon.

Hey you know what they say, pride comes before a crash.

Can Nicki Minaj lyrically continue to bring the heat??

Fans are not happy with her flow on the new DJ Mustard  “Single” Don’t Hurt Me…..

Check out the tweets…..

In the song she addresses her ex, stating she a be damned if a broke nigga eat off her.

Some people clearly forget the project’s they came from…

Actually I like Safaree’s Panda remix….

Check it out!!

Must have tiday to hear the complete song TIDAL