Is Beyoncé pregnant with Baby #2 ?? Rumors steam up, that she may announce pregnancy at #SuperBowl2016 |See Pics|

Is Beyoncé pregnant with Baby #2 ???

 The latest suspicious bump watch comes courtesy of spies on Bey’s recent video shoot, who tell Radar that “although she didn’t announce it or anything, it was pretty apparent [that she is pregnant] from the way she was acting.

The source even had a guesstimate as to how far along the singer appeared to be (“probably close to five months pregnant”), while other insiders confirmed she used a stunt double on tricky maneuvers that might have risked harming the alleged fetus. “It was pretty indicative she was covering up,” noted the first source. “She had a dress on, but this really big black hoodie covering up. That was the outfit she used for the whole shoot.” Bey was also reportedly “complaining about really tired and nauseous,” making the it all “pretty apparent what was going on” to onlookers.

Another rumor has it that she will make the announcement in pure Beyoncé Fashion BIG” at #SuperBowl2016