Hot Video| Watch “Usher Raymond” be a MALE-GROUPIE at last Nights Cav’s Game

CkocWcOWsAQEnSRIts funny  that “Usher” prefers to date older woman, but he acts like a little boy!!

Like, totally immature to almost be 40 years old.

I guess it would take an older woman to have enough patience,to deal with his childish antics.

Plus he is Rich, so woman out for money will deal with just about anything for a free ride around the world.

Usher who reportedly owns a small percentage, probably a few stocks of the “Cleveland Cavaliers” was spotted taken selfies at the game.

Like hey look at me “I’m on the basketball Court” someone needed to call security on him for being annoying and lame, last night.

Jumping all around when the Cav’s were in the lead, just trying to flex and looking like a goofy.

I wished someone would have told him, to go  sit down somewhere and act like you got some sense,I guess he doesn’t have any real friends.

So he proceeded to look like a total idiot…

Then when they lost the game he tried to get some love from “Lebron” who swerved him.

Everyone knows to leave the losing team alone after the game, oh no But Usher has to do it “My Way” and got left hanging.

So in pure “Usher Style” he did what he does!

Everyone knows that Usher is known for being shady and un-loyal in the music industry and period.

Yes we are talking about the guy who slept with his ex-wife’s bridesmaids and then left and married someone she knew and took the kids with.

SHADY on an Entirely different level!  

I would totally consider him a narcissistic person, it is so evident.

So anyway I guess since Lebron told him to “Let it Burn” he couldn’t be out shined so he proceeded to implement “Shady Business”

A master at being a Flip/Flopper it was easy for him to go to the Warriors locker room to celebrate their win after being rejected my “Lebron”

Its and “EGO” thing how dare someone leave “Usher” hanging.

So I guess he wanted to give the media something else to talk about, like him being petty. SMH

Isn’t that like a breach of contract or a conflict of interest?? Shouldn’t there be some type of clause in the contract, that you can’t be dapping up the opposing team if you own a portion of it???

I guess if you shady in one aspect of your life, your shady in them all…

Like seriously “Usher” needs to grow up already!!!

So of course twitter dragged him a bit before they turned in last night…

But by the way, Usher dropped some new music!!!

Check out “CRASH” above #FLAWED