HOT VIDEO| NEW VIDEO obtained by TMZ incriminates Ray Rice,shown punching fiancée in elevator

TMZ-elevator-stillThe only video that has been shown until this point was what happened when the elevator doors opened into a parking garage at Revel Casino on Feb. 15. posted the video from inside the elevator around 4 a.m. Monday, showing Rice punching then-fiancee Janay Palmer.

Inside the elevator, the video shows the couple seemingly arguing, then Rice strikes first, with Palmer hitting back. Next, the video shows Rice deliver a blow that appears to knock Palmer out cold.

The punch appeared to have knocked Palmer off her feet, and viewers can see she hits her head on the elevator hand rail. When the door opens, Rice then drags her out into the hotel parking garage.

The 27-year-old Rice went to court over the incident and was accepted into a diversion program. When that’s completed, it could lead to the domestic violence charges against him being expunged.

The National Football League suspended Rice from two regular season games in response to the incident.

According to TMZ Sports, an employee of Revel, which closed last week, said he was working there at the time and said the NFL saw the elevator footage before imposing the two-game suspension

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has since apologized for what many called a slap on the wrist as punishment for Rice.  Goodell created a domestic violence policy that says if a player is guilty of domestic violence, he will be suspended for six games for the first offense and face a possible life suspension for a second.

Rice has played six years for the Ravens. He is the team’s career leader in total scrimmage yards and ranks behind only Jamal Lewis in total yards rushing.