HOT VIDEO: Karrueche gets emotional when discussing Chris Brown on @JustKekeBET


Love is a very strong emotion and its hard enough to have a regular relationship,under normal conditions.

But imagine dating or loving someone famous, constantly being judged and people seeing your love life being played out in public, has to be alot to handle.

Normally if you break up with a guy, you NEVER have to see him again. If you don’t want to.

But if he is famous, its like you cant get away from him.

Wherever you go his songs are playing, you turn on the TV there he goes again.

Log on to the computer pic’s of him and his new lover. That’s Hard.

Karrueche understands just how hard this can be, being that she is the on again / off girlfriend of Super Star Chris Brown.

Karrueche recently sat down on an episode of Just Keke, where she got a little emotional when discussing her relationship with Chris Brown.

We all recall one day he would be with RiRi, the next day he would be with Karreche.

Men do what they want to do, but I don’t think they realize how, hurtful that can be when someone really loves you.

Catch the full  interview,Wednesday at 5pm on BET.