HOT TV: RHOA RECAP & Check out Kandi and Tiny after the show with Andy (Video)

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The RHOA are still in Mexico and it went down last night..

Kenya knows Phaedra doesn’t want her even close to her husband Apollo. So guess what happened??? Kenya and Apollo were chatting and in walks Phaedra Park and if looks could kill, Kenya would be dead today baby!!!

Phaedra asked Apollo what he was doing with Kenya then she walked off pissed off!!

Big Bully, I mean Nene Leakes and Porsha double teamed Apollo trying to get him to understand how it is inappropriate for him to be conversing with her, in private. Mostly after the flirting by the pool!!

Of course being a man, he still didn’t get it..

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 Peter is officially a housewife  for calling Kenya out on her ulterior motives. Kenya says she doesn’t need someone else’s man. In fact she has the opposite problem: everywhere she goes she’s fighting off “d–k”; the hardware store, the supermarket, the deep recesses of her over-active imagination. “I got 99 problems but d–k ain’t one,” she laughs.

Phaedra Apollo RHOA Mexico Cheating

 Kenya definitely has no ulterior motives, as she asks if Phaedra and Apollo think cheating is ever OK. None of your damn business miss Kenya!!

Lawrence says he expects it in a relationship. But Phaedra is totally against it and claims she would leave someone who cheated. Apollo feels it happens and goes on extended ramble about “marriage insurance” because he doesn’t believe faithfulness is guaranteed. Is cheating insurance a pre-nup?? Well lets hope Phaedra has one!!

Of course Kenya and Phaedra almost immediately get into an argument about her “ratchet booty’s” involvement with Phaedra’s husband. Phaedra does not want her having anything to do with Apollo, because they don’t want to be friends with her. Kenya interjects that APOLLO actually does want to be her friend. Phaedra remarks that she’s ready to smack the dog piss out of Kenya and they bite back-n-forth until Porsha jumps in to defend Phaedra.

“You’ve never been married,” she reminds Kenya. Kenya shouts that Porsha’s “marriage for a paycheck” is hardly what anyone would call a real marriage, so therefore she’s never been married either.

Meanwhile,  Gregg has a bone to pick with Peter, he apparently “stepped” to NeNe after Kenya’s masquerade ball and Gregg didn’t appreciate Peter getting in his wife’s face. They erupt into a heated argument and Kandis boyfriend has to break it up!!

NeNe storms up to Peter and calls him a “bitch” who can’t stay out of the lady’s issues. Cynthia stands idly by gawking behind her giant glasses.

Not sure why Cynthia let another woman call her man a bitch to her face.. Signs of a weak woman!!!


 IS PETER A BITCH? Or is Peter a better housewife than Cynthia??



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 After the show Kandi and Tiny sat down with Andy and gave everyone the 411. Dressed in all white,they looked fabulous as they chatted about the XSCAPE reunion, that will never happen and more…

Tiny also revealed her new natural look!!!  I like the Mohawk actually!! What people fail to realize is, just because woman wear weave doesn’t mean they have to.. Its just easier to maintain. Who  wants to put that heat on there real hair everyday??? Not me!!

Check out the video below if you missed it!!!