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‘Because fashion is infectious’: Ebola clothes, accessories for sale on online shops

People will try and capitalize off any and everything.

As news continues to develop about the Ebola outbreak in Africa and those diagnosed in the U.S., some online stores are selling clothing and accessories featuring the virus.

According to The Huffington Post, when you search “Ebola” on Etsy, more than 150 items are available for sale. These products include Ebola-themed earrings and T-shirts. A hand bag by “StuffoftheDead” is sold on the website, “because fashion is infectious,” the description reads.

Etsy shop owner and designer of the Ebola hand bag, Shayne of the Dead, spoke to The Huffington Post and explained his inspiration for the accessory. As of Friday, none have been sold.

It was a ‘what will be hot’ this season type of thing. Looks like I was right. Ebola has caught the imagination of America. I mean it’s scary, comes from monkeys, and you bleed out of your eyes. Only a zombie apocalypse could [be] ‘hotter.’

A similar website called Zazzle has a variety of Ebola merchandise as well. T-shirts, such as one that reads “I went to Nigeria and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and Ebola,” are for sale. The Huffington Post cites one Zazzle shop owner, James Granado, who created the “Curse You Ebola” T-shirts to because he believes “everyone is cursing Ebola as we speak.”

People are dying left and right from this disease. I think its disgusting to try and profit from this epidemic!!

What do you think about the merchandise?