HOT TOPIC: Veteran Flight attendant brutally killed by daughters boyfriend (Read More)

480913-b5a2a6ee-07ed-11e4-ba4e-3b3727fd03ffWe are living in LAST DAYS anytime your own children are the enemy.

A veteran United Airlines flight attendant found dead earlier this week was allegedly killed by her daughter’s boyfriend, according to court documents.

Eighteen-year-old Damarius Wren, also known as Damarius McGriggs, allegedly stabbed the Indiana woman six times, fractured her skull, tossed her bound body into the trunk of her own car and then abandoned the vehicle.

DeCarol Deloney-Cain, 54, was identified Thursday by tracing the serial numbers in her breast implants. Her body was wrapped in plastic bags, her hands and feet were bound with red duct tape and a pillowcase was placed over her head, WBBM-TV reported Friday.

The veteran flight attendant was targeted because she had just gotten paid, according to court documents, The Times newspaper in Gary reported.

Deloney-Cain’s daughter told police her boyfriend planned to rob her mother in early July because that’s when she received her paycheck.

Deloney-Cain was stabbed several times and her head was slammed against her porch steps, the paper said.

According to CBS NEWS:

An autopsy determined Deloney-Cain died from blunt force trauma to her head and multiple stab wounds to her chest. Her body was found Monday. Lake County Deputy Coroner Geroge Deliopoulos said the 54-year-old was positively identified through serial numbers on her breast implants.

Barrett told police that her mother didn’t know Wren was at the house when she arrived home on July 3. Barrett told police Wren was hiding from Deloney-Cain, then put a pillow case over her head and began slamming her head on the basement stairs. Barrett said he then got a knife from the kitchen and began stabbing Deloney-Cain, according to the affidavit.

She told police that two of Wren’s friends then helped him wrap the body in plastic and drive the body in her mother’s car to Gary.

Police said Wren told them he lost control and attacked Deloney-Cain, causing her death.

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Now he deserves the death penalty!!