HOT TOPIC| Phaedra Parks reportedly divorcing Apollo?

Phaedra Parks according to RadarOnline, is “Nexting” her convicted Felon Husband Apollo.

This after he was convicted of a felon for the second time.

This go round he was charged with attempted bank fraud and list of other charges and is now currently serving an 8 year sentence.

 The source also claims that Apollo cheated on Phaedra + was spending all of her money.

“Phaedra has been patiently waiting for Apollo to begin serving his prison sentence, and will have him served with divorce papers at the correctional facility in Kentucky,” a source told Radar.

“There was no way Phaedra was going to put her life on hold for the next decade, awaiting Apollo to be released. The marriage was a huge mistake, but did give her their beloved kids. There were serious trust issues with Apollo, and Phaedra suspects he has been unfaithful, and has been burning through money. Phaedra has always been the breadwinner, and she began to resent it.”

Fearing for her safety had “prevented Phaedra from filing for divorce in the past. Having Apollo behind bars gives Phaedra a huge level of comfort and security. It’s sad that it came to this, but Phaedra knows it’s the right thing for her to do,” the insider added.

Phaedra is a licensed attorney and being associated with such a man couldn’t definitely hurt her reputation which I’m sure she has worked hard for.

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