HOT TOPIC: Is Beyonce and Jay Z OVER (Read More) #RUMORPATROL

Beyonce covers In Touch

POWER COUPLE Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles-Carter tried to save their marriage by Skyping with a divorce therapist on the road, this according to numerous blogs.

Lets be honest, no one really knows what’s going on behind closed doors with these celebrities.

And Quite frankly, no one should care.

 There’s bigger things to worry about, other than someone else’s  relationship failing.

I mean at the end of the day


Beyoncé will be ok, with or without him and vice versa.

Its hard enough having a relationship with your partner.

Then add to that a million fans and groupies and nosey friends and family etc. etc. etc.

Well Good Luck to anyone who has to deal, with that type of life.

Got to take the bitter with the sweet, I guess.

Anyway this is what In Touch Magazine had to say:

 In Touch magazine reports exclusively that Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage is on the rocks due to his alleged betrayals.

Beyonce hoped their much-hyped joint “On the Run Tour” would allow her to keep an eye on her wandering man. But sources say the only time Beyonce sees Jay Z is backstage before their concerts.

Their crumbling marriage is in shatters amid rumors that Jay, 44, has betrayed his wife of six years. “She’s heard all the rumors about Jay fooling around, and she can’t take it anymore. The marriage is over,” a source told In Touch.

According to a source, Beyonce and Jay Z got into a major fight after their kickoff concert in Miami on June 25. “He was toasting champagne with the crew and some friends and some women who were brought backstage. Beyonce seethed when she saw a busty blond nuzzling into Jay Z’s chest and him whispering something into her ear.

A bodyguard spotted Beyonce looking and he tried to alert Jay Z, but it was too late. “Jay claimed the woman was just some fan,” says the insider. That’s when Bey lit into Jay and warned him, and his crew, that she wouldn’t tolerate excessive partying or groupies.” The insider said the estranged couple “fought for days… It was an ongoing battle royale.” But the seeds of discord were sown years before the concert tour kicked off in Miami in June.

Friends say Beyonce and Jay Z’s problems began when the father of 2 allegedly started taking Viagra to last longer in bed. By then the rumors of his cheating were routinely bandied about on the blogs. He depended on the little blue pills to keep up with his younger wife’s insatiable sexual demands, an insider says.

To further complicate matters, Jay Z’s self-confidence took a hit when younger rappers such as Drake came on the scene — and Jigga became known among the ladies as that old man rapper. “His ego was crushed,” says a source.

As for Beyonce, Jay Z is the Love of her life. He is the man who replaced her father and gave her the attention she craved. She can’t bare to share him with other women, an insider says.

“They fight all the time. I’m not really sure why they ever got married,” an insider told In Touch Weekly.

The July 28, 2014 issue of In Touch Weekly is on newsstands now.

Hopefully they can work things out!!!