Hot Gossip: Twitter FIGHT>>Chris Brown, Meek Mill And Drake Trade Shots Over Rihanna? Rihanna has them going CRAZY..

Has Rihanna come in between Meek Mill, Chris Brown and Drake? Rumors have swirled recently that Meek and Chris’ famous ex-girlfriend, were an item. On Twitter this weekend, Meek tweeted a cryptic message “U took me off ya song cause she let me watch da throne! #dreamsandnightmares” to which Brown seemed to respond on (May 28), writing, “She’s a dream chaser! There are alot of dreamers so she’ll be running forever!” a play on Meek’s mixtape name.
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Many are speculating that Brown removed Meek from a song after finding out about his fling with Rihanna.

The situation got even murkier when Drake, who is on the Club Paradise tour with Meek, chimed in with another tweet that seemed to reference Meek and Brown’s previous comments. “Oh that’s your ho? That’s our ho too. Lol” and “We get gyal eeeeaasy.” Drizzy had a brief fling with Rihanna a few years back and was spotted cozying up to the singer at Club LIV in Miami over the weekend.

Rih Rih has added her own ambiguous tweets into the mix. She tweeted things like “Typical,” “A rat is a rat” and “It’s not your fault homie! U got caught” all weekend and posted an Instagram photo showing herself flipping the bird with the caption “F— what you think” this morning.