HOT GOSSIP: Justin Bieber Stole A Police Officer’s Bike In Las Vegas?????


Justin Bieber may be facing charges for his Brazilian graffiti, but it’s not the first time he’s brushed up against the wrong side wall. Look like he was just trying to give them the HOOK-UP to me…

Hell he is RICH & YOUNG! What does everyone expect?

We all do stupid things when we are young, only difference is, he has cameras everywhere getting footage of his childish antics. He’s having FUN! lol


In Las Vegas! Little just stole a patrol bicycle!

Security camera footage found Justin on a police officer’s patrol bike, it was  parked in the hallway of his hotel and he decided he’d take it for a little joyride through the halls! Hey he is a kid, he wanted to go for a joy-ride!

Vegas hotel and casino security do NOT PLAY around!

They had Justin cornered and returning the bike in less than two minutes!