Hot Gossip: Babies Off-Limits Twitter Roast little Baby Ivy

no-children-4801blue-ivy-gowingup-483x557Now Even I have my limits! Angie LOVE the KIDS!!!

Now its one thing to speak the truth and stand for something with the right intentions! A little joke here and there is not going to hurt anyone!

But sometimes people are just all out HATERS!

One thing you don’t do is ROAST a baby!

It was kind of hard for me to even blog about this because I think Blue Ivy is adorable! But twitter is like Comedy Central and they wont let anything pass! So when a picture of Blue Ivy and Beyoncé surfaced yesterday of course the so called funny pictures rolled in!

Check out some of the harsh tweets compiled by via

blue-ivy-home-from-prison-507x604 blue-ivy-pound-cake-478x563 blue-ivy-tweets-465x775

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