Check out why critics believe Nicki Minaj diss song |No Fraud| is a Fraud

Nicki Minaj has surprised her fans and the naysayers with a dis’ track towards Remy Ma, the new single No Frauds is a Hot response to some.

But yet others believe is it really a diss track??

Seems to some it was a single she already had and just added some bars about Remy into it??

Then critics aren’t really thrilled that she collaborated with two of the Hottest rappers in the game, did she just double team Remy for the Win??

Or was this a straight violation to a hip-hop battle between two females??

If you haven’t heard the song she offered Remy Ma a bet for $500,000 if she releases a “HIT” song within 72 hours and books an interview without mentioning her name!!

Ironically Remy Ma’s net worth is reportedly $500,000 so that was kind of a low blow.  (If you didn’t know)

Not sure if I agreed with Nicki bringing her Remy’s son in the beef, you kind of don’t play about peoples kids. That’s a sensitive subject, but its hip-hop and it seems to be “No Rules” to this shit lately. Personally I don’t think it was a diss record, I do think she responded the best way should could without tarnishing her pop/rap image. Nicki has always been a crossover rapper, little white kids love her and that’s how she was really able to capitalize financially.  The way Nicki just did it, her diss record will get radio play and at the end of the day, its all about that mighty dollar.

No Frauds“, “Regret In Your Tears” and “Changed It” by Nicki Minaj all newly released singles on iTunes.

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