Check out: “Tiny & T.I’s” Family Hustle Modern day “Bill Cosby Show” Intro-Season 4 premieres on March 31

family-hustle-cosby-promo-550x338Who doesn’t like #FamilyHustle?? I’ve always said, they are the Modern Day Bill Cosby family, of TV!!

Obviously I wasn’t the only one who thought so. As March 31st nears, the official Intro/Promo has been released and its based off the Original Bill Cosby Shows intro.. #HowCool

They have the cutest funniest children!! Major is my favorite and King!! #DontTellNobody I love how they interact with there kids!!!

You can be cool and Great Parents #AtTheSameDamnTime

Get your popcorn and DVR’s Ready the NEW SEASON PREMIERES MARCH 31ST on VH1