BREAKING NEWS: Usher’s Son Raced To The Hospital After Almost Drowning In Pool


Usher’s five-year-old son Usher Raymond V has been admitted to the ICU at a hospital in Atlanta, after he got his arm stuck in the drain of his family pool!

Usher Raymond has raced to be by the side of his son Usher Raymond V. The 36-year-old R&B star was not home at the time when the incident occurred around 6 p.m. on Aug. 5. Usher’s son was reportedly playing in the pool with his aunt  when he saw a toy at the bottom and went to dive for it. That’s when he reportedly got his arm stuck in the drain.

He was immediately given CPR and raced to the hospital. Usher reportedly made it home and went in the ambulance with his son. According to the report, doctors say that he will be “ok.”

This comes just one year after Usher’s ex-wifes son Kile Glover who was only 11 died in a jet ski accident on July 21, in Atlanta. It was a family friend, Jeffrey Hubbard, who was driving the jet ski that struck and killed him.

Thank God (CINCO) is ok…..

Are Prayers are with Usher & his family at this time….