BREAKING| 2 reporters have been arrested in #Ferguson ,police fire tear gas & rubber bullets



The residents in  Ferguson, MO are not letting up.

  A reporter on phone with CNN has said gunfire has been heard, not from police but from those within the protests.

There have also been reports from local citizens that protests were peacefull and in line with curfew when teargas was unexplainably fired at them.

Steve Kastenbaum a CNN producer also mentions there was as specific incident with a protestor defiantely walking toward police and being reportedly warned numerous times to stop who was definitely shot with rubber bullets. He also mentions there were children in the crowd of protestors all day and evening long.

CNN reporting 2 reporters have been arrested.  Also that protestors threw Molotov cocktails at police.

This is a live unfiltered stream of what is happening

Watch HERE

CNN have just took two callers saying who were in the crowd, they are stating the police had no reason to shoot the tear gas or the rubber bullets into the crowd.

They are just angry that they are protesting and they are racist.